SparkFun offered a discount on some components useful for home weather stations, so I finally bought them recently. More importantly, I assembled them and installed them outside.

The sensors consist of:

  • wind speed anemometer
  • wind direction
  • air temperature
  • relative humidity
  • rainfall
  • barometric pressure

I’m using an Arduino Uno to collect the raw data from the sensors and publish it via the USB port to my local server. On that server I then run a Python script which reads the incoming weather sensor measurements and, every minute, uses the Weather Underground API to publish to them. To be able to publish, I registered with wunderground, which means I can now use them for real-time, local weather conditions. It’s the same place I also use as a store of historical data.

At the moment, I’m still tuning the location of the air temperature sensor. It’s not in direct sunlight, but I think it’s getting too much radiation from the garage exterior wall.